Update For Parenting & Criminal Law Matters

 Note the following may be subject to change

Family Court and Federal Circuit Court: Orders regarding parenting: Facilitating spend time orders of these courts is still considered  “essential”. You should keep a copy of your court order with you when attending changeover. If you are uncertain, contact Covid Hotline

These courts are operating remotely via Microsoft Teams and via telephone. If you have an upcoming court attendance with these courts you will receive the link within 24 hours of your appearance.

Local Court Proceedings During Lockdown: In accordance with the current update from the Chief Magistrate:

Mentions/Directions/procedural: We are able to deal with mentions etc via email to the court. Your attendance physically at court is not required, even if you are on bail. We will inform you of your new court date once we have it.

Defended Hearings: Will be adjourned. We will provide you with your new court hearing date once we have the listing information.

District Court- Mentions etc via email and remote appearance, attendance in person not required. Case conference proceeding via MS Teams between prosecution and defense. You will need to be available by telephone for us to seek further instructions. District Court Trials- we will update you as to whether your matter will go ahead or be relisted as the situation progresses.

Sentencing matters-Some may be in person, some remote attendance. We will contact you 48 hours prior if your matter is in for sentencing.

If you are required to attend in person you must wear a mask and adhere to social distancing and Covid rules.