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Eating, Drinking & Driving and the actual illegality behind it.

It is something we all do, whether it be grabbing an early morning coffee, getting a sneaky burger on the way home from work because you can’t wait for dinner, eating a protein bar on the way to the gym or simply having sip of water at the traffic lights on a hot day. But all of these occasions could place you in a position of losing those important demerit points or having to pay a hefty fine. In NSW

COVID-19: Can the government make me wear a mask?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia in March 2020, there has been much speculation about whether the government can make people wear a mask or isolate at home if they are unwell. All states and territories are afforded certain additional powers during a public health emergency, which includes a global pandemic. These powers include the ability to issue Public Health Orders that affect both individuals and the State. Most states have their own version of laws, for example

What’s Lurking Within the Legal Fine Print

If you’ve ever ticked the “I accept terms and conditions” box without reading, this one is for you! Let’s be honest. We are all guilty of it. You’re going through some relatively trivial online form or gym sign-up or fun-run enrollment. You’ve only got a few minutes to spare before you have to pick up the kids, get back to work etc. So when you see that little box “I accept terms and conditions” you tick it, right? But how many

But What About the Dog?

Admit it, you’ve been wondering- “Can I get visitation rights post-separation to see my dog?” Read on to find out… It is reported that over 50% of people view their pets as children. Some of these people have had children that have subsequently “left the nest”, others are simply choosing to have cats and dogs instead of “real babies”. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. There is however a rise of enquiries out there about “custody of the dog” and “can

Derogatory And Defamatory Material On Social Media And How To Deal With It

Many of you will be familiar with this scenario. You’ve come across someone in your life who is just not that into you, whether it be business or personal. Friends of friends are screen shotting defamatory and/or derogatory material from this person’s account making you well aware of their agenda to bring you down. So what can you do about it? Depending on the scenario, there may be a number of options: 1. In family law matters where there are current

Divorce Proceedings-Common Mistakes and Myths

It is quite common that self-represented parties to a divorce application are misinformed or not aware on what is required to meet the criteria for divorce and what the actual divorce hearing entails. WHAT DO I NEED TO PROVE IN ORDER TO BE GRANTED DIVORCE? In order for divorce proceedings to be successful, the following must be proven: Parties have been living separately and apart for 12 months or longer. This can include circumstances where the parties lived separately and apart under one